Courses, Graduate Students and Service



Doctoral Seminar (9715) UWO
Multiliteracies: Texts and Contexts (9536) UWO
Narrative Inquiry: Teachers, Stories and Critical Pedagogy (9576) UWO
Introduction to Curriculum (9580) UWO
Talking About Teaching: Forms of Pedagogic Discourse (9574) UWO
Teaching in a Virtual World (9520) UWO
Introduction to Curriculum Studies (ED 6101) UNB
Introduction to Research in Education (ED 6902) UNB

Continuing Teacher Education

Additional Qualifications for Teachers, Reading Part 1 (UWO)
Additional Qualifications for Teachers, Reading Specialist (UWO)


A Pedagogy of Multiliteracies (5452Q) (UWO)
English Language Arts in Elementary School (5105) (UWO)
English in the Intermediate Senior Division (5208) (UWO)
Teaching and Learning Theory 72: J/I Language Arts (lectures) (UWO)
Teaching and Learning Theory 72: J/I Language Arts (workshops) (UWO)

Graduate Students
(Completed and In Progress)

    Ph.D. Thesis (31)

Ott, Mary (Supervisor) (year 1, coursework)

Eaton, Christopher (Supervisor) (year 1, coursework)

Swift, Jessica (Supervisor) (LOA)

Sun, Lin. (Supervisor) A critical narrative inquiry of English Teachers’ experiences of enacting a pedagogy of multiliteracies in China

Seabrook, Elizabeth, (Supervisor) The archeology of nursing in Ontario Canada from 1950-2017: Unearthing the history of entry-to-practice education

Gollan-Wills, Melissa (Supervisor) Re-conceptualizing how we respond to secondary gifted learners’ needs: A critical narrative and ANT approach investigating programming and placement in Ontario’s public education

Ibdah, S. (Committee: Heydon). How official literacy curricula align with 21st C learning: A critical discourse analysis of programmatic literacy curricula from Ontario, Canada and Massachusetts, USA.

Yijuan Ge. (Supervisor). Multimodal Reading with Parents of Young Children in China

Lane, C.A. (Co- S: Crooks). Multiliteracies meaning-making: How boys' video gaming experiences influence their cultural knowledge -an ethnographic case study.

Stepien, Magdalena (Co-Supervisor)

Metalibois, Irene (Committee) Students' stories of their learning motivation in inclusive, arts-integrated learning environments.

Sauder, A. (Supervisor). Examining gifted students' transition to university and its influence on learning.

Atkins, M.A. (Committee) School based mental health.

Burm, S. (Supervisor). Critical Analysis of Narratives embodied by Aboriginal Populations

Aryee, Kinful. Health Information Literacy: Unveiling the Promise of Mobile Handheld Technological Devices in Health Education amongst Adults in Rural Communities in Ghana. (Committee)

McKee, L. (Committee) (Heydon) Learning stories: a case study of early primary educators creating and enacting multimodal pedagogies into classroom literacy
*winner Western University Doctoral Excellence Research Award 2016-18 * winner Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Doctoral Scholarship (2015-2018)
*winner, Art Geddis Learning About Teaching Memorial Award (2016)

McIntosh, C. (Committee) Motivational interviewing as a nutritional education approach. Nipissing University, North Bay. (Rich).

Stepiens, M. (Supervisor) Socio-emotional learning

Carvalho. A (Committee) Into the silence: A critical narrative of student identity and choice in a private career college in Northern Ontario

Nagel, Joelle (Committee) Lifewords in professional learning: Exploring the lived curriculum of educators in an online graduate program focused on multiliteracies pedagogy

Burleigh, D. Teachers’ work in a remote First Nations community in northern Ontario: A case study (Committee)

Culliton, Sharon. Modifying patient expectations and satisfaction following primary total knee arthroplasty. (Committee)

Duncan, C.M. The culture of research utilization within a nursing education curriculum‐inaction? (Committee)

Pajot, Michelle. Designing Open Space(s) for Critical Reflection and Civic Engagement through Experiential Learning Strategies: a studio-based approach. (Committee)

Amirmooradian Malhami, Ani Digital and Academic Literacies (Supervisor)

Linaker, Kat. Radiology in the Undergraduate Chiropractic Curricula, Loyola University College, Chicago. Educational Policy and Leadership Studies. (Committee)

Crocker, W. Literacy lessons from Mennonite children: what elementary school principals could learn (Committee)

Coulson, Elizabeth. Investigating Financial Literacy: Critical Democratic Practices and Instructional Technologies (Committee)

M.Ed./MHPE Thesis (31)

Millar, K. (Lingard, HPE) What do patients with multiple admissions learn about the transition from hospital to home?

Meng, X. (Committee) A pedagogy of multiliteracies into practice. A case study in a grade one classroom.
*winner W.A. Townsend Gold Medal in Education

Li, R. (Committee) Understanding Chinese English learners' informal learning in an online community.

Hu, Y. (Committee) A case study of new media literacies in an English Language Course.

Dombrowski, J. (Supervisor) Expanding the concept of ‘care’: A narrative study exploring lessons from end-of-life patients to inform ‘Medical Assistance in Dying’ curriculum in Canada.

Newman, A. (Supervisor). Gaining insight into the experiences and educational needs of patients with inborn errors of metabolism.

Cassidy, J. (Committee) (Kehler) Superhero fiction and literacy learning

Eisazadeh, N. (Committee) Stooke. Exploring preschool educators' funds of knowledge about print literacy pedagogy through the narrative lens.
*winner, Joan Pederson Memorial Graduate Award

Gollan-Wills, M. (Supervisor). Enrichment programming for secondary school gifted students: A narrative inquiry.

Ott, M. (Supervisor). Assessment Narratives: The Affordances of Video Inquiry for Formative Assessment of Multiliteracies
*winner of the Art Geddis Learning About Teaching Memorial Award

Osler, P. Examining artistic process and transfer. (Committee)

Salloum, M. Bilinguals’ Emotional Expressiveness. (Committee)

Ritz, S. Practicing Medicine Through a Positional Lens: Using Critical Discourse Analysis to Heighten Awareness of Power and Privilege in Medical Learners (Supervisor).

Osler, P. Examining artistic process and transfer. (Committee) (Jarvis)

McKee, L. Print Literacy Learning Opportunities for Young Children in a Multimodal Literacy Ensemble (Committee)

Yarmol, C. Listening to the voices of exceptional students to inform art pedagogy. (Supervisor)
*Winner W.A. Townshend Gold Medal in Education
**Winner Centre for Inclusive Education Research Award

Walton, R. Together we stand, divided we fall: Partnerships in the full day early learning kindergarten. (Committee)

Stripe, Jacqui. Multiliteracies-in-use. (Supervisor).
**Winner of the John Dearness Graduate Award

Nywening, B. Talking to the test: Secondary school English teachers' experiences with the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test. (Committee)

Hunter, Mark, High Fidelity Simulation: Panacea or Potential Problem? (Committee)

Young, Linda. Student experiences with Facebook as a communication tool at Fanshawe College: A Single Case Study (Committee)

Callaghan, C.J. The Digital Couch: An Investigation of the Online-Counselling Client Experience. (Supervisor)

Bodkin, D. K-12 Online Learning in Canada - Policy to Implementation:
A Multi-case study of Three Provincial Online Learning Initiatives for K-12.

Christie, C. Teaching in Combined Grades: The Influence of Experience on Attitudes and Practice (Supervisor)

Owen, J. MID Programming: A need for deconstruction and reconceptualization (Committee)

Hopkins, R. Virtual anatomy lab in students' hands: Is it the same as gross lab experience? (Committee)

Gashi, S. English language learners and the Ontario Curriculum (2006) Revised Language Arts Curriculum: A critical Language Study. (Committee)

Turgeon, Robyn. ‘She carries the Earth on her back’ Scholar, Teacher, Mother, Anishinaabekwe (Supervisor) (with C. Hoogland)
Winner, The W.A. Townshend Gold Medal in Education

Hazzard, Benjamin. Facilitating Teacher Partnerships for Cross-Classroom Collaboration (Supervisor)
Winner, the Canadian Association for Teacher Education (CATE) Thesis and Dissertation Recognition of Excellence Award

Persaud, Omadat. Creating a sense of community in the classroom: An investigation into collaborative learning among grade 12 students (Supervisor) (with J. Barnett)

Lyons, Carrie. Students as Teachers: Writing and Representing in Grade Six (Committee)

Begy, Jane. Transformational Learning in a Virtual Learning Environment (Supervisor) (with A. Pitman)

Balestrin, Sandra. See Dick Read: Understanding Boys Who Read Well. (Committee)

Directed Research Project (4)

Kelner, Susan. Ontario Farmers' Experiences of Pesticide Certification (Supervisor)

Ridgewell, Julie. A Tele-Education Experience in Maternal Newborn Nursing Education (Supervisor)

Shako, Jo (Gurbux). An Investigation and an Analysis of the Credit Recovery Initiatiative in an Ontario Secondary School (Supervisor)

Heather Birchall. Reading Recovery (Reader)

Innovative Curriculum Projects

Hibbert, K. & Engle-Hills, P. (2014). Post 3-11: An Expanded Science Technology Society (STS) Approach to Learning from the Fukishima Nuclear Accident.

Salty Chip: A Canadian Multiliteracies' CollaborativeHibbert, K. (2009). The Salty Chip: A Canadian Multiliteracies' Collaborative (

ATM Confessions: A Financial Literacy LibraryHibbert, K. (2009). ATM Confessions: A Financial Literacy Library

Educational Rounds:OverviewHibbert, K. (2006).Educational Rounds .

MentoringHibbert, K. (2006). Building a culture that supports mentoring in schools: Tips and ideas for teachers and administrators

Additional Courses/Resources Authored:

Hibbert, K. (2004). Authors’ Course, CTE, UWO
Hibbert, K. (2003-2004) Intermediate Additional Basic Course, CTE, UWO
Hibbert, K. (2004). Faculty/Instructors Online Resource Site, GS, UWO

Reviewed and contributed to the authoring of all CTE courses offered in preparation for Ontario College of Teachers' accreditation, 2003-2005

Selected Service

Past President, Language & Literacy Researchers of Canada (CSSE - LLRC) (2011-2013)

Appointed Member, Editorial Review Board, Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy.

Advisory Panel, Connecting Practice and Research in Literacy, Ministry of Education & Training

1st Vice President, Society for Scholarship in Radiology Education

Conference Steering Committee, Engaging Reflection in Health Professional Education (2008-09)

Core Advisor, Inspire: Interdisciplinary Network for Scholarship in Professions’ Research in Education, 2008-11