Engaging Reflection in Health Professional Education and Practice

Under the leadership of Dr. Anne Kinsella, our group has sought $20,000 Aid to Research workshops and conferences (supplemental list). This inaugural interdisciplinary conference calls together scholars interested in advancing knowledge and scholarship about the place of "reflection" in health professional education and practice. Those who work in the field perceive a widespread need for a scholarly community that brings interdisciplinary groups together to exchange knowledge and to think together about pressing issues and key questions for advancing the field. This conference is a first step in that direction.

Please view the website for this conference at: http://www.reflectivepractice.ca/

Collaborators on this SSHRC application are Bartlett, D. Bryant, L. Deluca, S. Ferguson, K. Goldszmidt, M., Hibbert, K. Hinds, J.,Hobson, S.,Jenkins, K., Kirkwood, K., Leipert, B., Lucy, D., Magalhaes, L., Ng, S., Orchard, C., Pitman, A., Vanstone, M., Wedlake, M.