ATM Confessions: Curriculum project aimed to support financial literacy learning

Frustrated and dissatisfied with the haphazard and unfocused curriculum development in the financial literacy field, we asked, β€˜in what ways are our youth engaging in learning outside of school, and how might we tap into that momentum?’ The resource that emerged, ATM Confessions: A Financial Literacy Library, sprang organically from the interactions, discussions, and debates of a research and development partnership between The Investor Education Fund (IEF) the Faculty of Education at The University of Western Ontario (UWO) over a five-year period. Positioning students and teachers as collaborators at the center of the research and development process allowed us to get to the heart of what would engage the populations we were seeking to help. The resulting curriculum project is a culmination of numerous digital learning objects which we developed and leveraged within a social networking system designed around the metaphor of an ATM machine. Access to the resources is available to anyone, with special supports built in for teachers who register and make use of the materials with their classrooms. You can access the ATM Financial Literacy Library at:

ATM Confessions: A Financial Literacy Library
You can review the full story of this curriculum project in Education Canada's
special themed issue: Innovation: Challenging the Status Quo published in November 2009, 'Online ATM Helps Youth Smarten Up About Spending'.

Principal Investigator: Kathy Hibbert

Thank you to the extraordinary efforts of our team over the years:

Curriculum and Learning Object Development: Liz Coulson, PhD
Flash Development: Mary Lynne Snedden, HiLight Design
IT Management, Colin Couchman, Graham Newbigging
Faculty: Sharon Rich, PhD, George Gadanidis, PhD.
Staff Support: Barron Mertens, John Routledge, Ruth Heard, Daryn Bee
Research Assistants: Courtney Riley, Eben Schaeffer, CJ Callaghan

and our partners at the Investor Education Fund, in particular
Chris Allum, Investor Education Specialist
Tom Hamza, President, Investor Education Fund