The Salty Chip: A Canadian Multiliteracies' Collaborative

This 'Multiliteracies' Collaborative has been developed in response to working with teachers and students as co-researchers over a number of years, at a time when our understanding of literacy has broadened to include 'texts' that go beyond the dominant print literacy to viewing literacies as plural, complex, social and cultural practices. In this multiliteracies' collaborative, we are interested in collectively sharing and better understanding how teachers and students create meaning in the context of using multiliteracies' activities in pursuit of learning. In many ways it is a learning ecosystem; its growth is dependent upon the community that engage with it.

The Salty Chip is a space for teachers and students to share and build upon their work as they develop their use of multiliteracies. It seeks to capture cultural and linguistic diversity and to make use of new and emerging communication technologies that consider pedagogy in a participatory culture. Students and teachers produce and exchange multimodal uses of text at home or at school (sound, text, images, video or combinations). Tags and categories allow users to design, upload, download, modify, and redesign their multiliteracy 'activities-in-use'. The community 'upvotes' the best, supporting ongoing improvement and refinement of our knowledge and use of multiliteracies and their possibilities.

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The Salty Chip

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I gratefully acknowledge the support of the Social Sciences and Humanities Image Text Sound and Technology (SSHRC ITST) award, and the Faculty of Education, University of Western Ontario for funding this project.
Principal Investigator: Dr. K. Hibbert, University of Western Ontario
Collaborators: Dr. M. Katchebaw, University of Western Ontario
Dr. Jennifer Jenson, York University

I also wish to thank the creative students, teachers, faculty and tech teams I have had the privilege of working with over many years. Together, we have learned new ways of making meaning.